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Welcome to the Chicago Home Show Exhibitor Page

If you are a homeowner, you’ve arrived at the Chicago Home Show Exhibitor Page.  If you’re interested in attending the Home Show nearest you to help you improve your home, please CLICK HERE to find the information you need.

Businesses, thank you for visiting our Chicago Home Show Exhibitor Page, designed for those who are interested in participating in our events.

Each and every one of our Home Shows has consistently attracted quality homeowners who are ready to invest in their home improvement, repair, furnishing, decor and other lifestyle-enhancing projects, large and small.  These sought-after buyers use our home shows as their primary tools to purchase products and services for their homes and since so many of them rely solely on our events for their needs, you won’t find them anywhere else.

To see for yourself what we’re all about, check out some photos from our 2023 events . . .

For many, many years, our Chicago area home shows never failed to deliver a strong and steady stream of buyers, keeping our exhibitors talking and raking in quality leads throughout the weekend.   See for yourself when you download the Exhibitor Packet below which also has loads of photos from several shows of 2022, proving their amazing impact and the fact that we’re delivering huge crowds of buyers to our exhibitors.   As a result of such incredible productivity, the demand continues to increase for booth space in our upcoming events, especially considering that we now produce the ONLY Home Shows of this size and scale in the entire Chicago area.

Don’t miss these clear and unique opportunities to meet and greet the most proactive homeowners in the market where you’ll earn their business and gain them as new customers for life.  Simple.  That’s how this works and this is what we do best.

Booth space is more limited each day and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  To put your business in front of these key consumers, Contact Us today or click the banner below to download the details on our events so you can request space.  You’ll be glad you did.  Note: E-mail & fax requests for space using the reservation form in the Exhibitor Packet receive immediate attention.

Chicago Home Show Exhibitor Packet

The vast majority of our previous exhibitors have already stated that they are returning for the upcoming shows, proving that our events have not only produced more leads and appointments… but more importantly, true buyers!   This support from them and other businesses like yours allows us to invest heavily into the advertising plans that support our events.  In fact, we will once again be delivering you the most heavily advertised events of their kind in the entire Chicago area.   No exceptions.  And you can invest with confidence that we know how to reach them like no other . . .

How we advertise our home shows

The key benefits of your participation in our events:

  • Direct, Face to Face exposure to thousands of homeowners who are ready to buy
  • Tap into exclusive, affluent markets that are not served by any other event
  • Benefit from millions of advertising impressions with one small investment
  • Allow us to bring exclusive buyers to you
  • Generate quality leads with high closing ratios
  • Set appointments directly at the events for immediate sales

Chicago Home Show Attendee Profile:

  • Primary Age Range: 30 – 70 years old
  • 98% + are Homeowners
  • 82% are Married
  • Over 90% of couples attend together, giving you BOTH decision makers
  • Overall Household Income levels for our attendees are among the best in the Midwest!
  • Overall Average Home Value levels are also towards the top in the Midwest!

Once again, Thank You for visiting our Chicago Home Show exhibitor page.  We greatly look forward to the opportunity to work with you and to show you what we have to offer your business for many years to come.   As always, feel free to call us at 630-953-2500 or email us at Info@FreeHomeShow.com if you have any questions and we will be glad to help.

Get on board.  You’ll be glad you did.   Have a tremendous rest of your day!

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